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Call for Speakers

NodeConf London is a one-day, single-track conference.

We'll bring together our industry's enterprise heavyweights, our subject experts and highlight the finest talent London has to offer. We’ll be bringing you perspectives from the enterprise whilst providing cutting edge developer insights.

If you'd like to be involved, we'd love to hear your proposal, even if you have never spoken at a conference before, so get in touch!

Format & Topics

Talks will be 20 minutes long, followed by a Q&A Panel with time for questions. Our panel host will conduct an intimate discussion, actively involving the audience and our speakers, offering participants a more in-depth opportunity to learn.

Start it..

  • Enterprise transformation stories with node?
  • Architectures for growth, from small to large.
  • Group therapy, share you lessons learnt?
  • The impact of technical debt!
  • Local community initiatives, the mutual benefits!

Build it..

  • Patterns for success (API's, Security, Performance, Memory Management, Accessibility etc)
  • Which interface? (Electron, CLI, Watches, IoT)
  • Efficiency gains through tooling and core releases (v8, node, es6/7)
  • Changes to Node.js core & NPM (Chakra, ES7, Promises)
  • Bot bot bots (the slack variety)
  • JavaScript goodness (Typescript, React, Redux etc..)
  • Latency on the web (high Vs. low and how to cope)

Ship it..

  • Continuous Delivery success stories
  • DevOps playbooks
  • The test pyramid!!
  • Continuous Delivery Myths
  • How to restore calm!

Use it..

  • Support strategies (the good, the bad and the ugly!)
  • Debugging the madness
  • Scaling strategies for the masses
  • Performance throughout the stack
  • The truth about stability & security
  • Monitoring the world and preventing disaster

Leave at home:

It's best to prepare for no internet and we ask all speakers to read and comply with our code of conduct.

Our Promise

We treat all speakers same and understand the commitment you are making to NodeConf London, so, here is our promise to you.


We'll pay you £250 and You'll receive a complimentary ticket to the next NodeConf London! Want to waive some, or all of your fee? we'll make a donation to our chosen non-profit.

We've got you covered!

We'll cover the cost of your travel including the cost of your flights, and if you like, we'll make your travel arrangements on your behalf. We will also be on hand to help you with your needs in and around the conference.

We'll cover the cost of your accommodation. If you want to stay a little extra, we will do our best to accommodate. Please let us know if you have any accessibility considerations.

On the day of the conference and the day before, we'll provide you with breakfast, lunch and £25! If you need some mobile data, we'll have some pre-loaded mifi devices ready to go.

If your company is able to cover any of your expenses, we'll list them as a sponsor.


We believe diversity in our speakers and attendees provides the most engaging environment for discussion. We will factor this philosophy into our speakers evaluation.

Let's go?

Whether this is your first proposal or whether your a seasoned pro, we'll do our best to help you shape your talk to make sure it flows with the day.

Please include the following information:

We'll evaluate proposals based on the following criteria:

Finally, here's a rundown of the important dates:

If you have any questions feel free to email me or tweet @iancrowther.