July 19th 2014

Shoreditch Village Hall

ONE-SHOT is a one day single track speaker series presented by NodeConf.

The event starts at ten in the morning and we'll have you out by six.

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ONE-SHOT is dedicated to a harrassment free environment.

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Mikeal Rogers

Future Node

Mikeal will examine some interesting trends in the node community that give insight in to the future of the platform and ecosystem.

Max Ogden

Large (mostly scientific) datasets and JavaScript

I work on making scientific datasets easy to publish and download. This talk will be about the challenges in that field as they relate to Node. Topics include Bioinformatics, Astrophysics, Bittorrent, Dat, and streaming binary data.

Owen Barnes

Success in Open Source

This talks is about the importance of a strong design vision and how this can often get diluted when an open source project goes live.

Soledad Penadés

"Just turn it into a node module," and other mantras Edna taught me.

The story of leaving behind a random mix of Python + php + bash + makefile + Scons scripts to totally embrace using Node, modules, standard callbacks, browserify, and friends to build toys that bleep and bloop with MIDI, WebGL and Web Audio.

Miroslav Bajtoš

Building offline data sync.

It’s becoming very important for the web apps to provide a good experience even when the device is not connected. This talk tells the story of how offline data access was added to LoopBack and the technology that makes this possible.

Ole Michaelis

Next Level Chat Robots

Chat robots makes your live easier. Not only yours, it even makes your team collaborate better. Yeah, sure. That's a lot of brilliant claims, so lets check what this chat robots buzz is about. And how you and your team can profit from your own little, cool, chat robot!

Dave Conway-Jones

Using Node-RED to help build the Internet of Things

The fastest and simplest way to wire up and deploy the next generation of connected objects!

Lloyd Watkin

Silo free realtime applications!

This talk breaks out of the silos and shows you how to build real time federated 100% silo-free services using javascript and the XMPP messaging network. Includes 100% more DISCO.

Charlie Key

Using Node.js for Everything

A look inside how a company can be completely built on JavaScript and succeed using Node.js for everything under the sun.

Interested in speaking? We are still accepting and considering talk proposals. Read and submit a CFP on our GitHub repo.